J. Gaines Wilson - PhD Research - Environmental Science - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Jeff WilsonPh.D. Research Profile: J. Gaines Wilson

Spatial analysis of air pollution and related health effects


PhD Candidate and Lecturer

Research interests:

Environment-health interactions
Environmental justice
Small scale pollution monitoring and exposure assessment

Urban green spaces and air pollution

Spatial and environmental epidemiology


GEOG 106: Global Environmental Change

GEOG 305: Environmental Hazards and Management

Recent work:

  • Wilson, J. Gaines, C. E. Sabel, S. Kingham, C. Tisch, and M. Epton. (under review). The spatial modification effect of environmental and social confounders on intraurban patterns of risk in respiratory hospital admissions. Social Science & Medicine.
  • Wilson, J. Gaines, S. Kingham, and A. Sturman. (in press). Intraurban variations of PM10 air pollution in Christchurch, New Zealand: Implications for epidemiological studies. Science of the Total Environment. Available online 21 October.
  • Durand, M. and J. Gaines Wilson. (in press). Spatial analysis of respiratory disease on an urbanised geothermal field. Environmental Research. Availble online 19 September.
  • Wilson, J.Gaines, and P. Zawar-Reza. 2006. Intraurban-scale dispersion modelling of particulate matter concentrations: Applications for exposure estimates in cohort studies. Atmospheric Environment 40, 1053-1063.
  • Kingham, Simon, M. Durand, J. Harrison, J. Gaines Wilson, and M. Epton. 2006. Winter comparison of TEOM, MiniVol and DustTrak PM10 monitors in a wood smoke environment. Atmospheric Environment 40, 338-347.
  • Wilson, J. Gaines, S. Kingham, A. Sturman and J. Pearce. 2005. Intraurban particulate air pollution and restricted activity days in New Zealand school children. Epidemiology 16, S136-S136.
  • Wilson, J. Gaines, S. Kingham, J. Pearce, and A. Sturman. 2005. A review of intraurban variations in particulate air pollution: Implications for epidemiological research. Atmospheric Environment 39, 6444-6462.


Dr Simon Kingham
GeoHealth Lab

Professor Andy Sturman
Centre for Atmospheric Science

Dr Jamie Pearce
GeoHealth Lab