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New Zealand Historical AtlasNZ Historical Atlas

This publication, with 100 coloured plates, was launched by the Prime Minister in November 1997, after seven years work by a team whose work was guided by an advisory committee under the chairmanship of Eric Pawson. He was also the Contributing Editor. The deputy editor of the project was Russell Kirkpatrick, a former PhD student and Fellow of the department, whose role was the creation of the imaginative representational cartography that has done so much to make the reputation of the Atlas.

The Atlas has won prestigious awards (Bartholomew International Cartography Award (UK); Excellence in Cartography Award at the Canadian International Cartographic Exhibition, Readers' Choice Ward in the Montana Book Awards), been very favourably reviewed, and after five years has sold nearly 40, 000 copies. Some of its plates are now available on the Ministry of Heritage and Culture's website illustrating the on-line New Zealand Dictionary of Biography.

  • M.McKinnon (ed), New Zealand Historical Atlas, David Bateman, Auckland with Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, 1997.

New Zealand Environmental Histories ProjectEnvironmental Histories of New Zealand

Eric Pawson, with Tom Brooking of Otago's History Department, has edited Environmental Histories of New Zealand, a collection of eighteen essays published by Oxford University Press in 2002. The book is divided into five chronological/thematic sections. Eric's particular interests are in urban environmental history, an aspect of the field that is often neglected, and in the histories and representations of marginalised environments such as mountains. He is working with Steve Dovers of the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, at the Australian National University, on the nature of interdisciplinarity in environmental history.