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Honours and PGDip

Postgrad studyFurthering your education with postgraduate studies can improve your employment opportunities and allow you to explore topics of interest to a much greater depth.  Our postgraduate courses allow you to develop your expertise in an area of specialisation, engaging with research frontiers in small classes and connecting with our academic staff on the topics they love.  You will also develop valuable research skills and other transferable skills that will support your development as a student.

Degrees at 400 Level

  • BA(Hons): 120 points* (GEOG420 required)
  • BSc(Hons): 144 points* minimum (GEOG420 required)
  • PGDipSc: 120 points* (GEOG420 strongly recommended)
  • MA(Hons): 120 points* (GEOG420 strongly recommended) plus one year thesis.
  • MSc(Hons): 120 points* (GEOG420 strongly recommended) plus one year thesis.
  • MGIS: 120 points* plus one year thesis (see for further details:

    *Please see the UC Calendar to confirm the details.

Overview of 420 Project

This paper aims to develop research skills through the completion of an independent research project. There is no restriction on the subject area of the research project, and students are free to explore a subject of their interest from one (or preferably more) of their courses, perhaps flavoured with something that might have been an interest at undergraduate level.

Each student is allocated, by agreement, a supervisor for the project. Work on the project is spread over the duration of the 400-level year. After selection of an initial topic area a proposal is then developed, the research is carried out, short progress reports are given and a research report written.

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