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asthma and pollution
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Click link above for a list of all available geography postgraduate courses. It is possible to to take other papers outside of Geography with Head of Department Approval.

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  • Helpful resources when planning to write a thesis proposal and/or confirmation talk:
    This ‘Joe Painter’ document helps with mapping PhD objectives into aims etc and getting those into research questions
    Kelly’s Thesis Proposal “from many long years ago” demonstrates translating research questions into methodology and a research plan.
    This link is to a handout on preparing a research proposal:(from the very useful website
  • Seminar Timetable - listen to cutting edge research from local, national and international scholars. All postgrad students are encouraged and expected to attend these talks.
  • How to use Microsoft Word to create a dissertation document (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 - pdfs)
  • Computer FAQ page - answers to all your IT related questions.
  • Student Vacancies - jobs available right now!
  • Job and Career Prospects - what are geography students doing in the workplace?
  • Scholarships and Prizes
  • Geography Facilities and Services
  • Geography Safety Information - contacts, inductions, field activities and more.
  • Learning Skills Centre - The Learning Skills Centre is there to unlock your potential at University by enhancing the range of skills needed to succeed in study at a tertiary level, achieve higher grades and prepare you for your future career path. They offer a range of free teaching services to help UC students at all levels acquire the specialised skills they need for academic success, from taking effective lecture notes to structuring a PhD thesis.