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Geographic Information Science at the University of Canterbury

GIS at UCGeographic Information Science utilises software such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect, manage, analyse and display geographic information. GIS are an increasingly pervasive technology and are growing in their application and ubiquity in other software environments. You will find GIS skills learned at UC invaluable to your future career.

There are typically two key areas in the subject of GISc:

  1. GIS used as a tool in monitoring, modelling, analysing and managing physical and/or human environments
  2. GISc as a topic of study in itself, which involves extending the GIS tools to do new things including the development of new spatial algorithms and bringing together novel technologies with GIS (e.g. the semantic web and GIS)

At Canterbury University we give you the skills to apply GIS as a tool as well as the necessary theory that underpins GIS to ensure you use the tool well and can extend it in new and interesting ways.

Course Pathway

GISc is increasingly integral to a large number of our Geography courses, and you will find introductory elements within our first year courses, such as GEOG106 and GEOG109. To gain a solid understanding and skill base in GISc, we recommend you take the following courses at undergraduate level:

To further specialise in GISc, consider taking NZ’s first PGDipGIS or MGIS programme, or taking one or two of the courses available on these programmes to support your existing programme of study.

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